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The pump is the heart of the waterjet system, pressurizing water so that it can be continuously delivered to the cutting head – and turned into a supersonic waterjet stream. 

Cut Faster

Regardless of material or thicknesses, cutting speeds increase with higher pressure when the cutting head parameters are held constant.

Increase Productivity

From stone to aluminum, steel to exotic composites, increases of 30-50% in cutting speeds are a result of accelerating the abrasive waterjet stream to the fastest level available.

Get Results

Faster cutting speeds mean more parts can be cut and throughput for any shop will increase. From in-house production to custom fabrication and contract manufacturing shops, more jobs can be completed in less time.

Pressure Matters.

Waterjets cut with a supersonic waterjet stream. The only way to make the waterjet stream go faster is to raise the pressure. As pressure goes up, the stream velocity increases, delivering greater power density.

A Pump for Every Application.

There are two types of pumps used today in waterjet cutting: the linear intensifier pump and the rotary direct drive pump. Both intensifier and direct drive pumps are capable of reliably delivering ultrahigh-pressure water for heavy-duty industrial use for today's manufacturers.

HyPlex Prime 60k Direct Drive Pump

The Hyplex's direct drive delivers superior ratio of input energy to the waterjet. 

Learn more about the HyPlex Prime pump

HyperJet 94k Linear Intensifier Pump

The most advanced robust, ultrahigh-pressure 
system available.

Learn more about the HyperJet pump

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